Rail freight advantages

Rail transportation offers a significant economical advantage when shipping heavy or oversized freight for long distances.That is why this type of cargo carriage is one of the most popular with the heavy equipment industry; it is also widely used for long-distance cargo transportation.

Rail transportation types

Container transportation(most popular mode of rail transport), transportation in covered/conventional wagons, transportation in open top/semi wagons.

Connecting continents

The Eurasian Land Bridge, sometimes called the New Silk Road – China/Europe rail network. There are 3 main routes for container services from China to Europe, through which totally 25k TEU has been transported on rail by 2014.

Multimodal services

Our multimodal integrated service allow us to import and export goods including all types of transport. Our transit service allows you to send any sort of shipment anywhere in the world


Our team of dedicated experts specializes in Railway Services between Europe, China and the CIS regions. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the CIS, Europe and Chinese railway networks enables us to respond timely and professionally to all kinds of unique and complex railway and intermodal transportation requirements of our clients.
One of Unicore Overseas specialized activities is our full container load “FCL” service. Our unique concept enables our customers to benefit from considerable savings in renting or purchasing equipment for the transportation of their goods to/from Europe, Middle East, Far East, China and the CIS.


Our solutions are designed to lower cost, increase efficiency and deliver results!